Fill the age of 20 years in old age, because it rejuvenates the whole body. Punarnava Powder…

Today we will tell you about a medicine that can give new life to the body parts, which is the life of Ayurveda for the patients of cancer, whose name is Punarnava.  Purnanava is again made up of two Sanskrit words meaning ‘then’ and Nav meaning ‘new’.  According to its name in the Purnanava medicine, it is found to have new body rejuvenating properties.  Therefore, it is used in fighting diseases to cure cancer.

Fill the age of 20 years in old age, because it rejuvenates the whole body.  Punarnava Powder

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Consuming 1 teaspoon of this with food and mixing it in vegetable does not cause old age, that is, an old person also remains young, because of this, a new cell of all the body part is formed again.  “Punarnava”, “Punarnava”, which gives an innovative look to the entire body through its blood-enhancing and chemical properties.  It is known in Hindi as Sati, Santha, Gadhapurna, Vishakhapara, Satori in Gujarati, Ghatuli in Marathi and ‘Hogweed’ in English.

Mixing coral or gram lentils makes it a good vegetable, which prevents inflammation of the body, diarrhoea (especially diuresis), heart diseases, asthma, body ache, retardation, vomiting, jaundice, anemia, liver and spleen disorders, aging, youth  Is beneficial in the beginning.  15-20 ml of its fresh leaves.  It is also advisable to drink a pinch of black pepper and a little honey mixed with juice.  This vegetable is found everywhere in India.

Punarva’s chemical work on the body:

Chemicals like milk, ashwagandha, etc. enhance the body by increasing blood-carcinoma, but the rejuvenated body excretes the accumulated excreta through the excreta and opens the path of nutrition of the body.  .  Punarva purifies the heart, navel, head, muscles, intestines and blood vessels by removing blocked stools, due to which the diseases of diabetes, heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, etc. do not occur in old age.  It improves the action of the heart and increases the strength of the heart.  Increases blood pressure by increasing digestibility.  Against diet and excessive intake of English medicines, it expels toxins accumulated in the body and protects it from diseases.

Punarnava syrup beneficial in pediatric diseases:

Cook 200 grams of powdered sugar and 12 grams of Pippali (Pepper) powder in 100 grams swarna of Punarnava leaves and after the syrup becomes thick, filter it and keep it in a vial.  Lick 4 to 10 drops of this syrup (according to age) to the patient three to four times a day.  Its use is very beneficial in the form of pediatric antidepressants in cough, breathing, lung disorders, excessive salivation, increased liver, cold-cold, green-yellow diarrhea, vomiting and other diseases of children.

25 miraculous benefits of Punarnava:

Used in renal bleeding.  It removes toxic substances from the blood and destroys many diseases.  The use of Punarnava relieves joint pain.  It proves useful in any type of arthritis.  Punarnava gives energy to the body.  It strengthens muscles and removes weakness and leanness.  Punarnava cures stomach related diseases.  It provides quick relief in diseases like intestinal cramps, indigestion and deficiency of essential acids in the stomach.

For any type of dermatitis, spots, spots, bruises, bruises etc., apply the paste by grinding the root of the veneer.  Within a few days you will find the disease to be cured.  Rejuvenation helps in maintaining proper weight.  It reduces excess fat and also removes thinness.  Regular intake of Punarnava keeps the body healthy and clean by smoothing the urine.  It also improves the flow of fluid in cells.  It is the most amazing medicine in the Ayurveda world for cancer patients because it creates new cells.  These new cells provide strength in fighting cancer.  Problems like paralysis, numbness of a particular part of the body and muscle weakness are also overcome with the intake of revival.

1. Foliage of the eyes: Grind the root of Punarnava in ghee and burn it in the eyes.

2. Itching of the eyes: Grind the root of Punarnava in honey or milk and rub it in the eye.

3. Water fall from the eyes: Grind the root of Punarnava into the eyes and rub it in the eyes.

4. Stomach diseases: Mix equal quantity of cow urine and Punarnava juice and drink it.

5. Stomach gas: Take 2 grams powder of Punarnava root, half gram asafetida and 1 gram black salt with lukewarm water.

6. Urethritis: 40 ml of Punarwa.  Drink juice or the same decoction, tie the leaves of Punarnava on the tree.  Drinking 1 gram of Punarvakshar (found in Ayurvedic medicine shop) with warm water immediately benefits.

7. Stones: Boil the root of Punarnava in milk and drink it in the morning and evening.

8. Swelling: Giving decoction of the root of Punarnava root and grinding the root on swelling is beneficial.

9. Jaundice: Take panchang (root, bark, leaf, flower and seed) of Punarnava with honey and sugar candy or drink its juice or decoction.

10. Poison of mad dog: Drink 25 to 50 grams of ghee from the origin of white Punnerva and drink it daily.

11 Boil: Raw or cooked boil is also erased by drinking the decoction of the root of Punarnava.

12. Insomnia: 100 ml of Punarnava origin.  Drink the decoction 2 times a day.

13. Sandhwati: Eat vegetable of Punarnava leaves by adding dry ginger.

14. If there is air pain in the heel, rub and bake ‘Punarnava oil’ on the heel.

15. Bloody Piles: Grind the root of Punarnava and drink it with diluted buttermilk (200 ml) or goat milk (200 ml).

16. Heart disease: If all round swelling is due to heart disease, then 10 grams of powder of Punarva root and 10 grams of Arjun’s bark powder is 200 ml.  Make a decoction in water and drink it in the morning and evening.

17. Asthma: 10 grams of bharangmul churna and 10 grams of Punarnava powder 300 ml.  Make a decoction by boiling in water.  50 ml  If left then drink it in the morning and evening.

The easiest way to quit alcohol and cigarettes,

The easiest way to get rid of alcohol and cigarettes!  After taking it the person will leave on its own

Friends, many people want to give up the addiction but they are not relieved! They often say that we know that this gutka is not good but what to do if the situation arises ???  It seems that smoking cigarette cigarettes is not good, but what to do if the summons arises! ??  Repeatedly feel that it is not good to drink alcohol but what to do if summoned!  ????

If you do not want bidi cigarettes, do not think about eating gutka!  Do not call for drinking alcohol  There are two very good solutions that you can do very easily!  The first is that those who are summoned again and again, who are unable to control their summits, they cannot control it means that their mind is weak!

Make your mind strong first!  The easiest way to make your mind strong is to sit down for a while first!  Sit by folding your legs !  That which is known as the happy posture !  And then close your eyes, then close your right side nose and breathe out through the left side nose and leave!  Then breathe and release then breathe and release!  There is a lunar pulse in the left nose and a sun pulse in the right nose!  The more active the lunar pulse, the stronger the human mind!  and this increases the will power !

Winning the lunar pulse will be activated and your mind power will become stronger!  And you become so resolute !  And I will do whatever is necessary to make them very easy!  So every morning for the first 5 minutes, press the right side of the nose and breathe out from the left side and release!  This is one way !  and is very easy !

Another way is to have an Ayurvedic medicine in your home, which you all know and know well!  Rajiv bhai has used it a lot to get rid of the addiction of people!  And the name of that medicine is ginger!  And easily found in everybody’s house !  Cut this ginger into small pieces, squeeze lemon in it, add a little black salt and dry it in the sun!  After drying, when all its water is exhausted, then keep these ginger pieces in your pocket!  Whenever the heart wants to eat food, tobacco has to be eaten, cigarette smoking is bidi!

So you take a piece of ginger in your mouth and start sucking!  And this ginger is such a wonderful thing, do not bite it with the tooth and keep it in the mouth from morning till evening, then it remains safe in your mouth till evening!  Keep sucking it, you will not get the call of eating gutka!  There will be no desire to take tobacco cigarettes and will not feel like drinking alcohol!  Very easy, no hard work!  I will write it again !

Cut ginger into small pieces, squeeze lemon in it, mix some black salt and dry it in the sun!  After drying, when all its water is exhausted, then keep these ginger pieces in your pocket!  Put the pieces in the box and keep it when the summon comes up and suck it!

As soon as its juice starts to dissolve in saliva, you will see its miraculous effect, then you will not have any desire for gutka-tobacco alcohol-cigarette etc.  Savor it: Morning to evening !  And took 10 -15 -20 days continuously!  Then you will get rid of addiction forever !

You will say what is this ginger! ????

This is one of the things in ginger that we call in chemistry Sulfur!
Ginger contains excessive amount of sulphur !  And when we suck ginger, which starts to go in with our saliva!  So when this sulfur starts getting in the blood!  So it activates such hormones inside!  Which kills our desire to get drunk!

And the research that is done in science, in the whole world, she believes that a person is intoxicated then!  When there is a deficiency of sulfur in his body!  So he repeatedly calls for bidi, cigarette, tobacco etc.  So, you complete the quantity of sulfur, it will be summoned from outside!  Rajiv bhai tested it on thousands of people and very pleasant results have come out!  Without any expense, alcohol is left out.  so you use it !

Successful treatment for cancer!  Only it has the power to cure cancer.

Successful treatment for cancer!  Only it has the power to cure cancer.


Friends Cancer is growing very fast in our country.  Twenty million people are dying of cancer every year and new cases are coming every year.  And all the doctors have gone hand and foot.  Rajiv Bhai has a small request to remember… “Cancer patients do not die of cancer, death is higher than the treatment given to them”.  Treatment of cancer is more dangerous than considered cancer.  How is the treatment?  You all know .. gave chemotherapy, gave radiotherapy, gave cobalt-therapy.

What happens in it that the resistance power of the body is Resistance power!  It ends completely.  When chemotherapy is given, the doctors say that we want to kill cancer cells, but what happens is good cells also die with them.  Rajiv bhai could not save any patient who came after taking chemotherapy.  But the reverse is also the record .. Rajiv bhai came to any patient without chemotherapy, he could not die till the cancer of second & third stage!

What does it mean that the expenses you have incurred in taking treatment have gone and the patient has also gone through your hand.  The doctor keeps you in the labyrinth, it will be cured in 6 months, it will be cured in 8 months, but in the end it dies, it has never happened that anyone has survived after taking chemotherapy.  If someone in your family gets cancer, do not spend more because the expenses you spend will not benefit the patient so much that he is suffering so much that you cannot imagine.

The injections that are given to him, the tablets that are fed, the chemotherapy given to him makes all the hair go away, the hairs of the bruises go away, the face looks so scary that it is not recognized that it is its own man?  Why are you hurting him so much?  Just because you have an ego, if you have a lot of money, then you will accept it by getting treatment!

What to do for cancer  There is a very good medicine for cancer in our house .. Now the doctor has accepted that at first he did not even agree;  Anti-Cancerous is a medicine in the same world, its name is “Turmeric”.  Turmeric has the power to cure cancer!  Find out how she has strength. There is a chemical in turmeric. Its name is Carcumin and it can kill cancer cells, but no chemical is made in the world and God has not made this man either.

The same thing as turmeric and curcumin is in the urine of a native cow.  Cow urine is straightforward urine excreted from the body of a native cow which has been filtered with cotton flour cloth.  So if you get the urine of the native cow and you have turmeric, then you will be able to treat cancer easily.
(The identity of the native cow is hemped on its back)

Now, mix half cup and half teaspoon of turmeric with the urine of the native cow and heat it to a boil then cool it down.  After coming to room temperature, the patient has to be fed like tea .. Take Chuskia and sip it.  Another Ayurvedic claim is Punarnava, if you add half a teaspoon to it, it will produce better results.  This is Complementary which is available in powder or small pieces in Ayurveda shop.

Remember, in this claim only the urine of the native cow is used, the urine of foreign jerseys does not work.  And the urine of a native cow which is black gives the best results in all of these.  Boil this medicine (native cow’s urine, turmeric, Punarva) after mixing it in the right proportion and store it in a glass container after cooling it, but never keep the bottle in the fridge, do not keep it in the sun.  This claim gives very good results in the second stage of cancer and sometimes even in the third stage.
When the stage has crossed the third and reached the fourth, then the problem comes in the result.  And if you give Chemotherapy Baghera to any of your patients, then there is no effect!  No matter how many pilots come, the patient dies.  If you are giving this claim to a patient, then ask him to know that Chemotherapy has started somewhere.  If it has started, do not put your hands in it, as the doctor does, let us pray to God for that .. do this.

And if chemotherapy has not started and he has not started any allopathy treatment, then you will see its miraculous results. All these medicines work on body resistance, improves our vitality, except turmeric.  Cow urine and Punarva improve the vitality of the body and after the vitality improves, the cancer cells control.

So for cancer you can work in your life in this way;  Apart from this, there are a lot of medicines which are a bit complicated, if any good doctor or doctor handles them, then you will not be in your house.  There is a caution in this that while taking urine of cow, she should not become pregnant.  You can use the urine of a cow’s calf that has not become a mother.

This is about the treatment of cancer, but in the life of cancer, it is better not to know.  So in your life you should never have cancer, remember one thing, is there always refine oil in the food you eat?  Is there refined oil in it?  Always eat pure oil ie mustard, coconut, peanut oil and eat it.  And if ghee is to be eaten then eat ghee of Indian native cow.

See this, whatever the other person is eating, the fiber part should be more in it, like skinned vegetables, skinned vegetables, rice are also eating the skin, so be absolutely sure that there is no chance of getting cancer.

And two of the biggest causes of cancer are three, one is tobacco, second is bidi and cigarette and gutka, never touch these four things because the maximum cases of cancer are due to them in the whole country.  The whole world says the same thing about cancer, whether it is doctors, experts, scientists and it is a solution.

Women nowadays have a lot of cancer in the uterus, in the uterus, in the breasts and it is growing very fast .. Tumour occurs then gets converted into cancer.  So what should mothers do to sisters so that Tumour should never come in life?  The best prevention for you is that as soon as you come to know of unwanted growth (cook, lump) in any part of your body, you should be alert soon.  Although not all knots and all cooks are cancer, only 2-3% convert to cancer.

But you have to be careful.  If mothers have a lump or cook anywhere that is non-cancerous, then the best claim in the world is “Chosen” to smelt and dissolve it as soon as possible.  Chun is that which is eaten in betel leaf, which is used in potting;  Get the Chunan from the Paanwala shop and eat that Chun equivalent to the grain of Kanak;  The way to eat it is to drink water mixed with water, drink yogurt of solution in yogurt, drink lassi of solution in lassi, eat dal mixed with dal, and add vegetable to vegetable.  But remember, the patient chosen for the stone is barred.

Domestic Ayurvedic treatment of periodic problems of women :-


Friends, it is normal for mothers and sisters to have problems related to menstruation (menstrual period), often menstrual period becomes irregular, that is, sometimes bleeding is too much and sometimes what happens is not at all!  And sometimes it happens that it should be 2-3 days but it is only 1 day, and sometimes it comes back only for 15 days!  And sometimes it does not come for 2 months!


Friends, all the problems related to the irregularity of the menstrual cycle, it is a very good and beneficial medicine in our Ayurveda, it is the sauce of Ashoka tree leaves!  Yes, remember one thing, the Ashoka tree is of two types, one is straight, most people consider it as Ashoka, whereas it is not the other, it is another, it is round and spread, it is the real Ashoka tree whose shade  Mother Sita was staying in me.

Domestic Ayurvedic treatment of periodic problems of women :-

So break 5-6 leaves of this real Ashoka, grind it and make a sauce, now boil it in one to one and a half glasses of water for a while!  Boil so much that the water remains half a quarter glass!  Then leave it to cool down completely and then drink it without draining it!  It is best to drink on an empty stomach in the morning!  How long to drink ??  Drinking continuously for 30 days cures all the diseases related to menstrual periods.

This is the single most beneficial medicine!  Whose loss is none!  And if some mothers and sisters get some rest by taking 30 days, if they do not get much, then they can take it for the next 30 days, however, by taking only 30 days, the problem is solved only!

So friends, it is a matter of irregularity in the month!  Now talking about the pain during periods.  Many times, mothers – at such a time, there is a lot of pain in different places in the body, sometimes there is backache, headache, stomach pain, back pain, thigh pain, breast pain, dizziness, sleepiness.  If you feel restless, then avoid taking a fast pain killer because they have too many side effects, one disease will cure 10, and many pain killer is banned abroad for 20 years which is sold in India!

So in Ayurveda, there are immediate relief medicines for such pains, which have no side effect!  So the best medicine for pain during periods is cow’s ghee, that is, native cow’s ghee!  Drink a spoonful of native cow ghee in a glass of hot water!  First heat a glass of water like it is hot for tea.

Then pour a spoonful of Indian cow’s ghee in it, then drink it when it is just a little cold, drink it like gulp, just like tea!  Absolutely sip and drink!  You will get immediate relief and do not drink more than the number of days you have to drink it for 4-5 consecutive days.  It gives instant relief for all the pains that occur during the period. It is a separate medicine for the usual pains.

One thing must be remembered that ghee should be of Indian native cow, not foreign jersey, Holestian, Firijian buffalo !!  The identity of the native cow is that its back is round, thick as a hump! Try to find out the native cow around the house!  Make ghee by bringing its milk!  Do not trust the ghee of companies selling in the markets!  Or India’s largest gaushala named Pathmeda Gaushala, which is in Rajasthan, there are more than 2 lakh indigenous cows, buy their ghee, this whole country is made from cow’s milk only!  Available in big cities!

And till the end of your life, you have menstruation, you should choose regularly, choose how ??  Wet Chose, who meets the paan, how much to take?  As much as grains of wheat!  How to take it? It is good to finish the work on an empty stomach in the morning and heat half a glass of water lightly and add it as a grain of wheat, stir it with a spoon and drink it!

In addition to yogurt, you can take it in juice, just take care of one thing, if you are having stone problem, do not consume it.  This choice is very good, it is very beneficial for all kinds of problems occurring in menstruation !!  Apart from this, you should avoid eating junk food, take regular walks, do yoga!

The biggest mistake we make is by never stopping the semen and stopping the velocities in our body.

Yoga is essential for good health and long life, but in addition to following some general rules and precautions is also necessary.  Following these rules, precautions and information, the routine starts to settle and we can remain young for a long time.

The biggest mistake we make is by never stopping the semen and stopping the velocities in our body. #Semen #healtcare

Rajiv Dixit Ji: –

Tips to stay healthy: –

Make a rule to get up before sunrise in the morning.  For this, make a habit of sleeping early at night.  After waking up in the morning, retire from toilet and do the lift.  Put water in a copper vessel at night for heat and drink about two glasses of water on an empty stomach in the morning.  During the winter season, make the water a little lukewarm, before going to sunrise, retire from routine work and do yoga in an open environment.

Give importance to physical exertion in your daily routine.  Many diseases arise because we work more than the brain and less from the body.  Let go of laziness, walk, play, climb ladders, exercise, do hands-on activities in household chores, etc. Take activities only on hunger.  Eat a little less than you are hungry.  Chew well and eat.  Leave the nature of eating something throughout the day.  Drink plenty of fluids like milk, buttermilk, soup, juice, water, etc., follow the laws of nature, because no one can be healthy by ‘wrestling with nature’.

Make a daily practice of yoga, food should be nutritious and full of all the essential elements, avoid the use of confectionery, dish, smoothness and more spices, make sure to sleep, wake up and eat time and take care of cleanliness in every situation.  , With increasing age, if the feeling that I am growing old in my mind, then the person starts to grow old due to his intentions.

Don’t let the body weight gain, anger, anxiety, stress, fear, nervousness, irritability, jealousy etc. are the factors that invite old age.  Always try to be happy.  The mental feeling of enthusiasm, self-control, balance, equality, satisfaction and love should be maintained every moment, the feeling of disease in the mind only increases in diseases.  The sense of health increases health, so stay in this sense throughout the day that I am healthy.  Do not doubt that in future I will have some disease, control the tongue, because there are only two functions of the tongue – speaking and tasting, so avoid over-speaking.  Aadhi – disease of the mind, disease – disease of the body and title – item, these three are fierce enemies of puberty.  Stay away from them

It is often seen that with increasing age, a person leaves reading and writing.  This causes the fibers of his brain to become inactive and the vascular system also slows down.  This has an effect on all body functions.  The person quickly grows old.  Therefore, with increasing age, self-education and spiritual knowledge should increase, avoid narcotic and harmful substances like beedi-cigarette, because all these lead to old age.

Some Health Useful Information: –

If you have irritation in the eyes, fill the mouth with cold water three to four times a day and wash the eyes with cold water 15-20 times and walk on green grass barefoot in the morning, thick all day behind tight pants.  Keeping the purse increases the chances of backache and sciatica pain, before applying a mustard oil in both the nasal cavities before bathing, clean the nose thoroughly after bathing.  Doing this does not cause cold.

If there is sneezing in the morning in cold weather, there are complaints of cold, cough and phlegm, etc. Before getting up from the bed, cover the ears and wear sandal on the feet as soon as you get out of bed, take a bath wherever there is more fat in the body.  Rubbing the time there starts to remove fat, massaging mustard oil for five-ten minutes daily before bathing keeps the body healthy and skin soft.

Washing hands, feet and mouth thoroughly before sleeping at night, rubbing mustard oil on the soles and knees makes sleep deep, insomnia starts to disappear after doing bhramari pranayam before sleeping at night, to increase memory  Before sleeping, sit with your eyes closed and meditate on the routine, peeling five almonds soaked in the night in the morning and eating it increases memory power.

After eating, sitting in Vajrasana for ten minutes, the food gets digested quickly and gets rid of constipation, gas, chaos etc.  If there is pain in the knees, do not do Vajrasana, if you feel restless after eating more, then sit in Vajrasana, you will get immediate benefits, consuming curd at night, obesity, joint pain, air disorders etc.  The fear of it increases, in the morning, by gently massaging the teeth and gums with the middle finger of the right (straight) hand, the teeth become strong.

While cleaning the teeth in the morning, take the thumb of the right (straight) hand inside the mouth and clean the palate from it, it causes hair loss, cold, cough and phlegm blemishes, applying mustard oil to the navel before sleeping at night  Lips are not cracked, eating meat-fish, salty, sour with milk increases the chances of skin diseases, children who start speaking late or speak less, make them drink more water, more together  Drinking water increases phlegm, so drink water in your mouth, after meals, before going to bath, before going to sleep.

Do deep breathing while walking.  It stimulates the body, eating cold water, ice cream, cold drink immediately after eating hot things makes the teeth weak, it also has a bad effect on the digestive system, if you have back pain, then lie down straight.  Roll a medium-sized towel under it and apply it on the painful place and lie down for five-ten minutes in Shavasana.

If there is itching in the body, put coconut camphor in coconut oil and keep it in the sun.  Massaging it provides relief.  Boil eight to ten leaves of neem in some water and mix it in the bath water.  Will be relieved  By applying this oil in the head, it gets rid of dandruff (dandruff).

Overeating can cause a sore throat.  Eating too much sugar can cause blood disorders.  Excess use of refined flour in food increases the risk of stomach diseases and eating too much salt increases the risk of kidney problems, always sit with the waist and neck straight.  This increases enthusiasm, energy and agility in the body and keeps the body healthy, maintain happiness on the face throughout the day.  Whenever you get a chance, laugh and giggle.

If there is a headache, pull the ears.  Massage near the ears also provides relief, drinking plenty of water does not cause the accumulation of dirt in the body.  Due to this, lightness and freshness remains in the body, take recourse to the right side while lying down and sitting.  Due to this, there will be no pressure on the waist and heart, in case of rheumatism, breaking two buds of garlic soaked in the morning in the morning and swallowing them with fresh water is beneficial.

After complaining of acidity, after eating a piece of clove or molasses nuggets, one gets relief, grind five leaves of basil, five black pepper, five neem leaves and five vine letters and make a pill and take it on empty stomach in the morning.  There is benefit in sugar (diabetes), if there is pain in the feet, then while bathing, massage the feet tightly near the ankles below the calf.  Feet will be comfortable throughout the day.

Putting three-four drops of cow’s ghee in both the nostrils before going to bed provides relief in the migraine, if there is a complaint of gas, then in the morning do not consume apple and fruits and milk on an empty stomach at any other time in the day.  Can.  Consuming apple and milk on an empty stomach may increase the gas, if there is a complaint of amoe, then adding rock salt and dry ginger powder to the whey, then taking it daily is beneficial, squeezing lemon in water three to four times a day.  High blood pressure starts to decrease.

Black pepper, peeple, dry ginger and liquorice – mix the same amount of powder in cold and cold.  Licking this mixture with one-fourth teaspoon of honey starts to benefit; head should not be in the north direction at night.  This increases the chances of mental illness, constipation is reduced due to defecation twice in the morning and evening.  So include this rule in your daily routine, sitting on the chair with legs back and forth does not stretch the waist.

By using more soft mattresses and thick pillows on the bed to sleep, there is a possibility of causing pain in the spine, if there is pain in the body, then take long and deep breaths slowly while breathing and breathe life from the mind.  Take the place of pain and keep in mind that the vital force is removing this disease, consume more fluids on the day of fasting.  In order to complete the fast (break), take light food instead of the senior food like puri, parathas, kachoris etc.

Keeping the jaws of the teeth pressed together during defecation or urination keeps the teeth strong, cover the ears with a cloth to avoid heat and drink more water before leaving the house, if cold air comes from the nose.  If at night, apply cotton to both ears and cover the head with a muffler and sleep; if sitting continuously, a leg becomes numb, then grab the opposite ear.

Do not stop the natural velocities: Sometimes the person stops the natural velocities of the body again and again, due to which many diseases arise in the body.  Therefore, any natural velocity of the body should not be stopped, stopping the excreta causes pain in the lower abdomen, constipation, gas, chaos and blood starts to get contaminated, pain in the bladder and urinary tract by stopping the urination and body.  I feel restless.

Stopping semen can cause pain and swelling in the pelvis, testicles, kidneys and bladder, preventing belching can cause heaviness in the chest, gurgling in the stomach and throaty throat, preventing sneezing, neck pain, headache,  There is a possibility of migraine, brain disorder and sensory weakness, stopping vomiting may cause blood defects, bloating, liver disorders, itching, burning sensation, chest heaviness, anorexia, eating, stopping air (gas).  , Fatigue, abdominal pain, stool-urinary obstruction and air outbreak in the body may occur.

These sutras of Ayurveda will change your life: – #healthcare #healthy #fitness

There is a small request from all of you. If you want to be healthy and stay healthy, then follow the sources of Ashtanga Hriday in your life.  These sutras are as follows.

These sutras of Ayurveda will change your life: –

Rajiv Dixit Ji //

First formula – Do not eat or drink anything kept in the fridge.  Eat something that has not been kept in the fridge and that has been filled with the touch of air, and has got plenty of sunlight.  Meaning eat everything fresh and eat.  Do not eat stored in the fridge.  Stop keeping milk, curd in the fridge, keep them outside then you will come healthy in your life.

Second rule – Ayurveda or Ashtanga Hridayam is the second rule, if life is to be kept healthy then do not drink cold water.  Heat the water and drink it.  It should be as hot as your body, because hot water cleans the body very well.  Toxins throw the vest out of the body.  It also helps in digestion.  The lukewarm water keeps the entire system of the body organized.  If you believe in Jain darshan then do not drink too much water.  Because it has a live growth.  So drink fresh water ie lukewarm at all times.

Third Rule – Chew whatever food you eat and eat.  Chewing food is very important in our India, it is not in Europe.  Due to cold in Europe, if the jaws are not flexible, they cannot chew much.  People of europe
  Whoever gets it, swallow it quickly.  Our jaws are very flexible here, so we should chew and eat.  And whatever jaws are in Europe or they are very strong, and it is possible to clean hard gums with a brush, so you do not copy them. Your gums are very soft, so brush neem.  If there is no tooth, then do household churning.

Fourth rule – chew food as many times as you have teeth, that is, chew it 28 to 32 times.  According to Ayurveda, chew the food so that it gets mixed with saliva as if it comes down like water.  So there is no possibility of any disease in life.

Fifth rule – Whenever drink water, sip sip, like drink hot milk i.e. sip and drink.  So that more saliva goes into the body with water.  The saliva is that which keeps Vata, Pitta and Kapha in balance.  If a human is to be healthy, then 4 to 5 liters of saliva is required every day.  And that is possible only by drinking water after sip.  Those who have pain in their ankles will be gone in 3 days.  If there is a joint pan then it will be gone in 12-13 days.  No matter how severe rheumatism, sip and drink water, stir the water for a while then drink it.  If your weight has increased a lot, then the month will be reduced to 2 months only.  For a person whose weight is 140 kg, drink water after continuous sip for 9 months and the weight will remain 70 kg, that too without any yoga, exercise.

You must have seen how the dog drinks water, sip by sip, and has ever heard that the dog has diabetes.  The bird sips and drinks water, picking up each drop, so the bird has neither rheumatism nor joints pan, neither diabetes nor cancer, nor hypertension nor migraine.  He is healthy is cool  Just she takes care of eating and drinking, we do not keep it, so she is not sick, we are sick.

The bird never eats at night and man eats it even at 12 o’clock in the night.  The bird never drinks water with food, Subare will eat food and will drink water in the afternoon.  All animals follow this rule.  The most stupid buffalo also follows the same rule, will eat food in the morning and drink water at 12 in the afternoon.  But man has gone more than buffalo, he keeps on drinking water along with food.

In Ayurveda, this is the formula, “Meal ants, odd vari“, drink the water of food and drink poison.  So do not drink water after meals, drink it after one to one and a half hours.  When you wake up in the morning, you should start the day with water and not with tea.  Those who start the day with water and those who make tea, there is a difference of ground in both.  Those who start with tea have 1 but 68 illnesses.  And those who start the day with water do not have any disease.

At least one glass of water must be drunk as soon as you wake up in the morning, if you drink 2 glasses it is good and if you drink 3 glasses it is even better.  As soon as you drink water, both the intestines are cleaned, and if both the intestines are cleaned, do not worry that they will ever get sick.  Rajiv ji used to say that he never got sick nor ever went to the doctor, did not even take half a pill and did not get an injection, people used to ask which of your medicines they eat, they say that they never take medicine  The accounts rather obey the rules of #Ayurveda.

They say that if they did not get water after getting up in the morning, they would not go to the toilet for that long when water was available.  And on getting up, he used to drink water without washing his face and cleaning his teeth.  Used to sleep with clean teeth at night.  Whenever he used to drink water, he used to drink it.  He never used to drink cold water with ice.  We used to drink water at least 1 to one and a half hours after eating.  The only difference between you and Rajiv bhai is that he never mimicked Europe and America.  They say that if you are thinking and doing something in life, you will never get sick.  Do not copy #Europe and #America without thinking.

If you have mental illnesses or you want to avoid them throughout your life, then keep following a small rule of Ayurveda that when you sleep at night, sleep in the east direction and sleep if you feel compelled.  Always leave the north and west directions.  The north and west directions are for sleeping rather than for worshiping.  All the days you sleep before and after sleeping, you will not get mental illness.  And at least the diseases of not getting sleep will end in you.

So today, move your bed towards east.  If you sleep on the ground, then you can easily head and sleep.

If you ever eat food, do not copy Europe and America, that is, do not eat food sitting on a chair or table.  If you go to a wedding or a party somewhere, then you can take your food in a plate and eat it sitting down comfortably anywhere.  We are not going to be small in this.  You will not be called a fool but those who are standing and eating are fools.  The best eating method in India is to sit in a happy posture and after eating, do Bajar Asanas for at least 10 minutes.  And after lunch, do Vajrasana at least 10 minutes.  Take a rest of 20 minutes.  And after dinner, do Vajrasana for 10 minutes and then go for a walk.  Go at least 500-700 steps.

Adopt these 10-12 sutras which are mentioned, these will make you healthy and there is no need to do anything.  And I request all of you to give these things to your children.  Make them habit not to drink water with food.  If you say that food is stuck in your throat, then tell them to drink lassi, drink milk but do not drink water.  Drink lassi after lunch. Drink milk after dinner and drink juice after morning meal but do not drink #water.

Never drink standing water

Drink water after one hour.  Always sip water and drink it.  The sanskars that the children have received, they are not going to forget.  And they will be healthy throughout life.

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